Sports C+Care Thermal Therapy
Hot and cold therapy has been used for centuries in the treatment of injuries. Therapy has traditionally been applied using ice and heat packs, which have only a limited ability to repair damaged tissue. In many cases, they only mask the pain caused by the injury.

For several years, SportsC+Care consultants have been researching the field of thermal therapy in order to establish ways to improve the effectiveness of hot and cold to limit the negative effect of inflammation. Led by a team of academics and medical professionals, they developed the Sports C+Care System to provide athletes with the very best custom treatment for their injuries – enabling them to get back to what they do best as soon as possible.

The system factors in a broad range of parameters relating to the individual and the injury sustained to form a bespoke treatment plan that is safe, convenient and highly effective. Therapy is applied by portable automated Sports C+Care units, which deliver controlled doses of heat and cold through specially designed application pads and wraps.

Sports C+Care Programmes

Athlete Care
  • Manages pain before and after competition
  • Prevents degeneration of joints

  • Allows for more productive training

  • Minimises need for analgesics
Injury Care
  • Moderates tissue temperature & metabolism

  • Reduces secondary tissue damage

  • Minimises swelling and edema formation

  • Limits Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition (AMI)

Recovery Care
  • Increased comfort compared to ice baths

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Lessens perceived soreness and discomfort

  • Makes treatment portable

More on the Treatments & Technology
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